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Has Your Dishwasher Stopped Mid-Cycle? These Reasons Could Be to Blame

Has Your Dishwasher Stopped Mid-Cycle? These Reasons Could Be to Blame

If you turned on your dishwasher, walked away, and came back to find that it never finished its cycle, it may be just a fluke occurrence. However, if it happens regularly then it may be time to have your dishwasher repaired. Continue readying to learn some of the reasons a dishwasher may stop in the middle of a cycle and then contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 to learn more.

Your Dishwasher May Have Blown a Fuse

If your dishwasher will not start after
having stopped prematurely, then the issue could be a blown fuse in
your fuse box. If you see that there are indicator lights still
working on your dishwasher, then there is power to the appliance and
this is not the issue. If they are not on and the dishwasher does not
seem to have power, then check your fuse box to see if one has blown.

There May Be an Issue with the Door Latch of Your

In the event the microswitch on your
dishwasher is faulty, it may prevent your dishwasher from working
correctly. This is a safety feature to ensure that your unit does not
run with the door wide open. If the latch has broken in the middle of
the cycle, then the entire appliance will stop working. Your
dishwasher can close snuggly but unless the latch works it will not

It Could Be a Faulty Electronic Control Board

Think of the control board as the
brains of your appliance. It is designed to last for the entirety of
your unit but something can go wrong with it. If this happens, there
many different symptoms that can occur – including the machine
cutting out in the middle of a cycle. However, if this is the issue
then you will likely notice that there are many other issues with the

There May Be an Issue with Your Pump and Motor

Your dishwasher requires water and
enough water pressure to run in the first place. If you do not have
enough water pressure, then it will not work. Check this by turning
on water to your faucet. If you find that there is not water at all,
due to an outage or other issue, then this is likely the reason your
dishwasher stopped in the middle of its cycle.

More likely, there may be an issue with the pump or motor that prevents enough water from being produced and a malfunction results. This can cause it to shut off. This is something you will need help from the appliance company for. Call American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 for help.

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Appliance Repair: 7 Ways To Keep Your Refrigerator Functioning Efficiently

appliance repiar

Refrigerators work hard to keep the food cold and safe. Unfortunately, many kitchen owners don’t do much to love them back. According to appliance repair professionals, this results in the appliances breaking down more often.

They also consume a lot of energy. Do you want your refrigerator to run efficiently? Put these tips into action:

Keep it away from hot appliances

It’s common to have ovens, dishwashers, and other heat-producing appliances at home. The heat produced by these appliances makes the refrigerator work harder to maintain its cool temperature. As you might guess, this leads to a high electricity bill.

To prevent the appliance from working too hard, put the fridge as far away from the heat-producing devices as much as possible. If you have a large kitchen, put the refrigerator at a designated area.

Fill it up

Some clueless homeowners have the notion that the refrigerator functions better with fewer items, but this isn’t the case. You should note that the more stuff the fridge has, the more efficient it runs.

If you don’t have a lot of food to store in the fridge, fill pitchers with tap water and place them in the excess spaces in the refrigerator.

Replace the rubber seal on the door

Also known as a gasket, the rubber seal protects the fridge from unwanted warm air from getting into the refrigerator. The opening and closing of the door wear out the gaskets, and it’s only a matter of time before you have to replace them.

When the rubber seal wears out completely, warm air from the outside enters the fridge, which triggers it to work even harder, which translates to high energy bills at the end of the month.

To keep warm air from entering the fridge, replace the worn-out rubber seals.

Clean it up

In addition to cleaning the insides of the appliance, you also should pay attention to the outside and especially the back of the unit. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and get rid of dirt and grime from the coils.

If you have a modern appliance, the coils will be behind the grille. Dust and vacuum the exposed coils. You also should clean the area where the refrigerator stays. The beauty of cleaning the fridge is that you don’t need to hire a professional to help you out. You can easily do it by yourself.

Keep the fridge closed

The longer you keep the fridge open, the more the hot air gets in which triggers the refrigerator to work too hard than it should. For you to prevent a lot of hot air from getting into the fridge, keep it closed most of the time.

Most people spend a lot of time on the fridge door when they can’t remember what they are looking for. For you to reduce the amount of time you keep the door open, know what you are precisely looking for.

This way, you will be sticking your hand straight into what you want and close the fridge door.

Cool off the leftovers

If you have leftover food, don’t put it straight into the fridge while still hot. This is because it can dramatically increase the refrigerator temperature, making the compressor work too hard to cool the refrigerator.

A simple act as letting the food cool down first can go a long way at taking the strain off the fridge. By cooling the food, you reduce the amount of heat you add to the interior of the appliance; hence it doesn’t work hard to cool the food.

To prevent residual heat from escaping from the appliance, store the food in protective wrapping or Tupperware before placing it in the refrigerator.

Keep the refrigerator organised

Keeping the fridge organized makes it easy for people to find things they are looking for; hence you spend less time on the door.

If your fridge is overstocked, get rid of the excess items. Have you placed large bread items, serving dishes, and food boxes on the top shelf? Remove them from there.

Refrigerator repair Springfield professionals report that large objects at the top of the fridge trap heat inside the unit, forcing the compressor to work harder than it should, which translates to a high energy bill.

To reduce your cooling costs, get rid of these items.

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Holiday Events in Albuquerque

Happy Holidays from all of us at Sarah’s Appliance Repair!

Most kids are now officially on Winter Break. If you’re looking for some local events to attend in these final days leading up to Christmas to help keep them busy, here are a few family-friendly holiday events going on in Albuquerque this week:

River of Lights

The largest walk-through light show in New Mexico!

Where: ABQ BioPark Botanical Garden

Dates: Nov 30-Dec 30

Time: 6-9:30pm

Cost: $14 for adults (age 13+), $7 for children (ages 3-12), Free for babies & toddlers (3 and under)

More info: City of Albuquerque

Trolley of Lights

A 75-minute trolley ride through the Christmas tree and decorations of Old Town Plaza, Rio Grande Blvd, and the Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque.

Where: ABQ Trolley Co. at Hotel Albuquerque

Time: 6pm

Dates: Dec 15-28

Cost: $15-25/person

More info: Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory

Bugg Lights

Christmas treats, music, and more than 300,000 lights on display in addition to multiple natives and over 100 Christmas trees.

Where: Belen Harvey House Museum

Dates: Now thru Jan 4th

Time: 5-9pm

Cost: Free

More info: Bugg Lights Christmas Display

Mariachi Christmas

A festive show full of dancing, folk music, and holiday cheer!

Where: Popejoy Hall

Dates: Dec 22nd

Time: 3pm

Cost: Varies depending on seat choice

More info: Popejoy Hall

We want to express our gratitude to each and every one of you. We are grateful for the opportunity to know you and that you have entrusted your appliance repair services to our care. It’s been an amazing year because of you!

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How to Deal with Whirlpool Appliance Problems and Warranty Issues

How to Deal with Whirlpool Appliance Problems and Warranty Issues

If you have a Whirlpool appliance and
are experiencing issues with it, you may want to simply call your
appliance repair company
. However, if you would prefer to learn
some of the ways you may be able to take action on your own, keep
reading for tips and tricks. Then contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 if
you need additional help.

How to Purchase Replacement Parts for Whirlpool

If you need to purchase
replacement parts
, it is important to know the facts. First, an
ignitor that works in one gas oven is not going to work in all gas
ovens. Second, buying the parts may not be as easy or straightforward
as you believe. If you have the serial number of your appliance in
hand, it is not as simple as calling and ordering the part.

There can be options. There can be
different materials. There can be new and used and aftermarket parts.
Which are best for you? If you are experienced with appliances then
this could be easy. If not, contact American Appliance Repair for advice on finding
the right appliance parts for your specific needs.

How to Set Up a Whirlpool Appliance

Your new appliance should have come
with an owner’s manual and that manual should give you instructions
on how to set up the appliance. It should also give detailed
information on how to care for your appliance so it will work
optimally for as many years as possible. If you cannot find an
owner’s manual with your unit, you can use the model number to look
up the manual online. You can also contact American Appliance Repair and we can

How to File for a Warranty on Your Whirlpool

If your appliance is under warranty,
you will need its model number to use said warranty. You can file for
repair or replacement of your unit with that warranty. There can be
frustrations involved in trying to get the warranty honored but in
some cases, it may surprise you by how much it covers.

How to Have Your Whirlpool Appliance Repaired

If you can fix it yourself then you may
choose to do so. However, note that certain repairs may have to be
completed by certified technicians. If your warranty requires this
and you do not follow the directions, it is possible that your
warranty may be compromised by this decision. For this and other
reasons, we always recommend talking to the professionals for the
best possible outcome.

You can reach American Appliance Repair by calling us
at 800-640-9934. We are happy to answer your basic questions and give you
our best advice on Whirlpool appliances. We can also come help with
repairs and maintenance. Call us today and let us get started.

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Freezer Repair: Frost Buildup, Freezer Not Freezing, and More

If you’re finding the food from your freezer has freezer burn, or isn’t properly frozen, you’ve got a problem. Likewise, if your freezer is leaking water, or has frost buildup, something is definitely wrong. There are some simple things that you can do before calling the professionals at Dave’s Appliance. Here are some common freezer issues and how you can do some freezer repairs yourself.

Frost Buildup.

Frost buildup can be very annoying. It decreased storage space in your freezer, and it may trap odors, or encourage freezer burn. It may result from improper fridge position, poor seals, dirty coils, or clogged freezer drain.

Freezer Not Freezing.

If your food isn’t actually freezing, then you are at risk of illness, in addition to losing food. Check the coils. If they are clean, it may be a problem with the evaporator fan motor, or the starter may not be working right. Those issues will require one of the experts at Dave’s Appliance.

Freezer Runs Constantly.

If you’re hearing your freezer run all the time, then your freezer is working too hard. Check the temperature setting; it may be too low. Otherwise, it could be the condenser fan motor or evaporator fan motor. Those repairs need the expertise of Dave’s Appliance.

Clicking Sound.

A clicking sound from your freezer means that you should call Dave’s Appliance. It may be a malfunctioning starter relay, or it could indicate that coolant is not moving through the coils properly. In any event, it is an issue that requires professional attention.

Freezer Leaking Water.

If it is only the freezer and not the refrigerator that is leaking water, it is probably a clogged or frozen defrost drain.

Frozen Defrost Drain.

If you’re uncomfortable removing freezer covers to expose the defrost drain, or are worried about what you may find once you do, just call Dave’s Appliance. In addition to the typical issues with the defrost drain outlined below, there’s the possibility that the drain strap may have fallen off or deteriorated. If so, Dave’s Appliance can fix or replace it.

Proper maintenance of your freezer will eliminate a lot of the usual problems, so here are some things to check.

Refrigerator position. The refrigerator needs to be positioned away from the wall slightly to allow enough room for the air to circulate. The heat from the compressor needs to have sufficient room to dissipate.

Temperature. Sometimes the temperature setting becomes inadvertently moved. Your freezer should be set to 0º to keep food properly frozen. It’s a good idea to keep a thermometer in your freezer to monitor the temperature.

Freezer door seals. The seals of the freezer should be clean and in good repair. Simply use soapy water and then apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to maintain the seals.

Coils. The condenser coils can become dirty and dusty. Use a vacuum to clean the debris off.

Defrost drain. The defrost drain may become clogged or frozen. To deal with this situation, unplug the refrigerator and remove freezer covers so you can get at the drain. Then pour hot water down the drain until it is dripping into the drain pan under the refrigerator. That will deal with any ice, and may dislodge a clog. If necessary, use soapy water with some ammonia.

Observing the maintenance advice above can eliminate or fix a lot of freezer issues. If not, just call Dave’s Appliance, and we’ll set it right.

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How To Repair Your Refrigerator: Fridge Leaks, Freezing Food and More

You rely on your refrigerator every day, and a malfunction could mean losing all the food in it. Refrigerator repair isn’t necessarily an automatic call to the experts at Dave’s Appliance; there are some simple things that you can do to eliminate problems. Even simple repairs require care and attention to detail, though, so if you aren’t a do-it-yourselfer, just call the professionals at Dave’s Appliance.

Why is my fridge leaking water?

One of the most common problems with refrigerators is the appearance of water on the floor near the fridge. Most people assume that the fridge is leaking water. Sometimes that’s the case, but sometimes it’s not. Refrigerators are designed so that condensation accumulated in the interior of the fridge drains through a drain hole and then into a drain pan underneath where it evaporates. So the first thing to do is to figure out the cause of the water. Here are some common ones, and the refrigerator repairs for them.

Refrigerator isn’t properly positioned.

If the refrigerator is completely level or tipped slightly forward, the water may not be able to flow into the drain. All you have to do is adjust the front legs so that the refrigerator tips back slightly. That tilt also makes the door swing closed after you turn away from the refrigerator. Be careful when adjusting your refrigerator, though. It is designed to be nearly level, and tipping it too much can create significant problems with other systems.

Refrigerator isn’t sealing properly.

When your fridge doesn’t seal properly, it runs constantly causing excessive condensation on the coils, and water overflows the drain pan. Check the rubber door seals on your fridge and freezer to make sure you’re getting a proper seal. If you find a problem, wash the seals with warm water and soap and apply a thin film of petroleum jelly.

Drain pan is cracked or damaged.

Your leaking refrigerator may just have a cracked or damaged drain pan. Remove the drain pan from underneath your fridge where it is located. If it has a crack or is otherwise damaged, contact Dave’s Appliance about getting a replacement as soon as possible.

Why is my food frozen instead of chilled?

Another common problem is when food is freezing instead of cooling. Most often, you can determine the reason for this problem and perform the refrigerator repair yourself.

Temperature gauge set wrong.

If the milk is suddenly frozen, then the most likely cause is that the temperature gauge has been accidently bumped and is set too low, or too cold. That’s easily rectified. Just set the temperature to medium or 5. If you can designate an actual temperature, set it to 40º.

Freezer seals aren’t sealing.

If the freezer is part of the refrigerator unit (either above or below) rather than a side-by-side design, it may be that the freezer seals are not functioning properly. The same techniques outlined above for dealing with the seals of the fridge doors will fix this problem, too; warm soapy water and some petroleum jelly.

The coils are dirty or dusty.

If the coils on your fridge are dirty or dusty, then the compressor needs to work harder and longer to keep the freezer temperature constant. When this happens, the refrigerator can overcool and freeze food and drinks.

These are some simple refrigerator repairs that you can execute yourself. If the trouble persists or your fridge problem isn’t described here, it’s best to call Dave’s Appliance. And if you think your fridge might be leaking refrigerant rather than water, call Dave’s Appliance immediately. Refrigerant is a toxic material and you need to address this issue as quickly as possible in order to avoid subsequent health risks to you and your family.

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Commercial Appliance Repair: 6 Signs You Should Replace Your Dishwasher

commercial appliance repair

Due to the high costs of commercial dishwashers, many kitchen owners hold onto their dishwashing machines way longer than they should. What is the end result of this?

The machines keep on breaking down. The machines also consume a lot of energy which translates to high monthly energy bills.

For your dishwasher to continue functioning optimally and control the amount of energy the machine consumes, you should replace the appliance early enough. Here are signs as given by commercial appliance repair professionals you should look out for to tell when your machine is ready for replacement:

The machine is old

How old is your dishwasher? If it’s older than 10 years and keeps on breaking down, it’s time to think about replacing it.

Old appliances consume a lot of energy which sees you wasting a lot of money. Old appliances also keep on breaking down hence you spend a lot of money hiring appliance repair professionals to fix them.

To bring these issues to an end you simply need to replace your appliance. When buying the new unit, go for a high-quality one with a high energy rating.

The dishes no longer come out hot

If you are removing the dishes from the washer in a timely manner and they aren’t coming out steamy and toasty, your unit might be having issues with the heating coil. It’s the coil that gets the tap water super-hot so that it can sanitize the dishwashing load.

The heating coil is too pricy to fix or replace so you are better off getting a new machine.

You see rust

Once in awhile, you are recommended to swipe the floor under the dishwasher using a paper towel or light-colored cloth. If you come up with rust flakes, water might be getting into areas it shouldn’t. It also means you have a reason to worry.

The first thing you should do is to check inside the dishwasher. Is there rust there? If there is, confirm whether it’s coming from the dishes when they touch the tub during the last load. If that is the culprit, run an empty cycle with citric acid and you will clean the dishwasher and clear all the rust.

If the metal or plastic parts of the dishwasher have begun to corrode, be prepared for a bigger repair. If the dishwasher is old, you will be better off replacing it.

The door no longer locks

The dishwasher doesn’t run a wash cycle if the door isn’t securely latched. A properly latched door also ensures that water doesn’t leak out causing a mess.

Depending on the brand and model of your dishwasher, a door that isn’t locking might be a simple and inexpensive repair. If your appliance is new, the repair will be covered by a warranty so you won’t even pay a cent.

While this is the case, if your appliance is too old, chances are that you won’t find the necessary repair parts so you will be better off replacing the unit.

The dishwasher has begun to crack

The worst damage that can happen to your dishwasher is your appliance developing leaks that cause water damage in your kitchen. In addition to the leaks being expensive to repair, they also warp the cabinets and mold and mildew start growing in your house.

Cracks often happen in the interior tub. When you notice them, it’s a clear sign your dishwasher is old and it’s time to replace it.

When you notice huge cracks on your appliance, you should stop using your appliance and contact a repair professional to inspect it. If the crack is minor, the professional can fix it but if large, you have no way out other than to replace the entire unit.

The appliance no longer drains properly

If the cycle has completed and still you see water pooling at the bottom of the dishwasher, you have a reason to be worried. Confirm whether there is debris blocking the drain and preventing water from filtering out once the cycle is complete.

You can do the inspection by yourself or ask an experienced appliance repair Springfield professional to help you out.

If you don’t see anything, chances are that the drain itself has cracked or crumbled and you have to replace the unit.

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Is Your Washing Machine Leaking? One of These Six Reasons Could Be the Cause

Is Your Washing Machine Leaking? One of These Six Reasons Could Be the Cause

Your washing machine is likely one of the most important appliances in your home. If it is leaking, you may worry about water damage, damage to your washer, and the potential cost of repairing or replacing your washing machine. Keep reading to learn six potential reasons it is leaking. If you want the professionals to take a look, contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 at your earliest convenience.

  1. Your Washing Machine Has a Loose Water Supply Valve or Hose
  2. Check the water supply valves in the wall behind your washer. These are the valves that resemble metal taps – one should have a red knob and the other a blue knob, indicating hot and cold water. If these are wet, then they may have come loose. Check the connection to the hose.

  3. You Have a Drain Hose That is Clogged or Unsecured
  4. Next, look to see if the drain hose that should let the washer get rid of soap water is clogged. It may be located between the handles mentioned above, or it could be located on a drain on your floor. If you see a hose or pipe that’s been damaged, then it may be the cause. If you see one that is clogged, clean out the clog and see if it fixes the problem.

  5. There Could be a Damaged / Disconnected Internal Water Hose
  6. It is also possible that there is a hose within your washing machine that is damaged or disconnected. You can open your washer and see the hoses that go from the tub. If you see that they look damaged, this could be causing the leak.

  7. Your Drain Pump is Broken or Disconnected
  8. This is the part of your unit that sucks water from the tub and pushes it down into the drain – even if your drain is above the tub as is often the case. If this is broken or disconnected, water could be dumping on your floor instead of where it is supposed to go.

  9. You May Have a Damaged Tub Cover Gasket
  10. This only applies to top-loading washers: You could have an issue during the spin cycle in which the leak is coming from the tub cover gasket. This part is supposed to seal the outer tub and the tub cover but if it is not working correctly, water could be coming through during the spin cycle.

  11. You May Have an Issue with the Door Boot Seal
  12. On the other hand, this one only applies to front-loading washers: It could be that the door boot seal is damaged. This part is the large, folded, rubbery-type ring inside the pocket of the door in which your washer door fits. The seal keeps water in the washer and if it is damaged can allow water to come out.

If you have any of these or other
issues with your washing machine, contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 for

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8 Benefits Of Hiring Commercial Appliance Repair Pros

commercial appliance repair

When your appliances develop problems, you have two options. Repair them by yourself or hire a commercial appliance repair professional to help you out. It’s always wise to hire a pro to help you out. While you will spend money to hire the pros, they come with plenty of benefits that include:

You have peace of mind

When you know that the work is being handled by a professional, you have peace of mind as you know that everything will be perfect. This isn’t the case when you repair the unit by yourself. Since you aren’t experienced, you are just guessing where the problem could be.

Even when you are the one handling everything, you aren’t sure the unit will continue functioning as well as it should.

You save money

While you spend money to hire the repair professional, you end up saving a lot in the long run. As mentioned above, since you aren’t an expert, you guess where the problem could be. In most cases, you end up causing more damage to the appliance.

When the problem comes back after a short while, you have to hire a repair professional to help you out. Since the problem is more significant than was there originally, you end up paying the repair professional more than you would have in the first place.

When you hire the repair professional the first time appliance problems show up, you end up saving a lot of money.

You save time

It goes without saying that for you to repair the appliance, you have to invest your time. When you hire a repair professional, you don’t spend your time on the broken appliance. You concentrate on your work where you make more money.

You can also choose to spend time with your family or handle tasks around the house.

You get a warranty

When your appliance breaks down after a few days of repair, you have to repair it again by yourself, which is more time spent repairing an appliance you had already repaired. In some cases, you end up spending more money to buy more parts.

When you hire an expert repair technician, you get a warranty on the repairs so that when the unit breaks down again, the professional takes care of it without costing you extra.

The contractors use the right tools

Sometimes appliances develop problems that require specialized tools that most homeowners don’t have in their garages. If you have a modern appliance, you need a wide range of digital tools to repair it.

When you try fixing the appliance by yourself, you won’t repair it properly as you don’t have the necessary repair tools. This results in more problems than were originally there.

When you hire a licensed professional, you can sit back and have peace of mind knowing that they will get the work expertly done as they have the necessary tools to repair any appliance you might be having.

You fix the problem once and for all

Since they have the expertise and right tools to do the work, they can fix the appliance problem once. This isn’t the case when you try fixing it by yourself, where you do it a few times.

Since the professionals fix the problem once and for all, they save you money as you don’t have to keep on hiring a repair expert. You also continue enjoying your appliance without worrying that the unit will break down in the middle of a task.

You protect the appliance warranty

If your appliance is new and still under warranty, attempting to repair it by yourself puts you at the risk of voiding the warranty in the event something goes wrong. Licensed pros, on the other hand, help you in protecting the warranty. Since they are licensed, you can easily get a replacement appliance even if the unit stops working.

To protect yourself, ensure that the repair professional you hire is experienced enough and has all the necessary certifications.

The professionals bring about convenience

When you are having problems with your appliance, you only need to reach out to the appliance repair Springfield technicians and ask them to visit your home and repair the appliance. As mentioned above, when hiring the professionals, ensure they are certified and experienced enough.

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Learn What Common Refrigerator Noises May Mean and What to Do About Them

Learn What Common Refrigerator Noises May Mean and What to Do About Them

When they are working correctly,
are one of the quietest appliances in the home – and this means
that it can be even more troublesome when they are making noises. If
you have noticed your fridge making noises, contact your appliance
repair company or keep reading to find out what each of the noises
may mean.

Refrigerator Clicking Noises

It is almost always the case that when
a refrigerator is making a clicking noise, the water inlet valve
opening is dispensing water to the ice maker. If the noise is
repetitive, it may seem alarming but it is likely nothing serious. It
may be that the fridge is starting to cool other compartments. Unless
the clicking is constant for many hours, it is nothing to worry

Rattling Refrigerators

If it sounds like
something is rattling inside your fridge, you are likely dealing with
a waterline issue. Your waterline can rattle as water is pumped
through to the water dispenser or ice maker. If you hear this
rattling, it is likely that the waterline is not secure and is moving
around when it is used. It is not necessarily an issue that will
affect performance but it could eventually lead to a leak – plus
the noise can be aggravating.

If the rattling appears to be coming
from the bottom of your refrigerator, then you are likely dealing
with the drain pan moving back and forth as your fridge runs. water
line requires that your drain pan be adjusted to prevent it from

Dripping Noises Coming from Your Refrigerator

There are actually many issues that can
result in the sound that your refrigerator is dripping. In most
cases, it is not an issue but you should know what to listen for. If
it is “normal,” then the dripping noise will come from outside of
the fridge after the compressor has turned off, or it will come from
the freezer compartment when water seem into the ice maker.

The dripping noises that should concern
you are those that happen inside the compartment of the fridge. This
can indicate a leak within the defrost system. Ideally, your defrost
system handles any melting frost by whisking it away. If it is making
noise, then there is a good chance something has gone wrong.

If you hear a noise coming from your
refrigerator and you are worried about it, you can always call your
local appliance
repair company
to get advice or request service. American Appliance Repair can
be reached at 800-640-9934 and is happy to help.

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