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Dishwasher Repair: 5 Valuable Dishwasher Cleaning Hacks

Since you use the dishwasher for cleaning, you don’t need to clean it, right? Wrong. Like other kitchen appliances, you need to clean your dishwasher to keep it in top working condition. How do you do it? Here are valuable dishwasher cleaning hacks as given by dishwasher repair experts:

Run a cycle with white vinegar

Do you live in an area with hard water, and you have noticed your dishwasher building up mineral deposits? You should run a cycle with white vinegar. Put two cups of white vinegar on the top rack then run a complete cycle without adding dishes or detergent.

The vinegar will remove the trapped particles, detergent residues, and built up minerals, so the dishwasher looks and functions as good as new.

To prevent the deposits from coming about, make it habit to run the cycle once every three or four weeks.

Remove built-up food and debris with a steam cleaner.

Got built-up food and debris in your appliance? You should try removing them using a steam cleaner. After preheating the appliance, use the steam cleaner to clean the insides of the dishwasher. Focus on cleaning the corners and hinges as well as the sprayer holes and tracks.

Use the brush attachment to remove built-up material, ensuring you don’t scratch the machine. If your appliance has hard to reach tight areas, use a steam cleaner along with an old toothbrush.

For a deeper clean, use a multipurpose spray along with the steam cleaner. Once you are done with the steam cleaner, run a short cycle to rinse out the dishwasher.

Clean the filters

Your dishwasher most likely has a trap at the bottom to catch large food particles, preventing them from washing down the drain. The dishwasher filter is the same in most appliances where it resembles a mesh screen that you can take out, shake it off and rinse.

It also resembles a grate above the drain hole. If you have a more modern appliance, you could be having a device that catches the food particles the same way. You should remove, clean, and replace it.

To clean the filter, you need to shake it out over the trashcan and rinse it under the sink. If you are still unsure where to find the dishwasher filter, check around where the water seems to drain.

Pay attention to the spray arms.

If your home taps bring in hard water, chances are there is a lot of mineral buildup around the spinning parts of the machine that spray water. To clean the spray arms, use a pipe cleaner around the holes. If the mineral buildup is substantial, soak the arms in vinegar.

Be cautious, moving the dishwasher arms as they aren’t designed to move easily. Sometimes you have to remove them entirely to give them a good clean.

Get rid of smell using baking soda.

Baking soda is not only effective at cleaning the dishwasher, but also at deodorizing it. Have you noticed a unique smell in your appliance? Consider getting rid of it with baking soda.

Before you apply the baking soda, ensure the dishwasher is already clean. You should then remove the racks and remove any gunk or food residue present. Can you remove the drain? Remove it and give it a thorough cleaning.

You should then measure one cup of baking soda then sprinkle it across the bottom of the dishwasher. Follow it up with a short cycle on the hottest setting possible. If you have done it right, your appliance will have a fresh smell and look brighter.

You don’t need to run another cycle after using baking soda. Continue using the dishwasher as you normally do.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of cleaning using baking soda, place one lemon peel in the basket cutlery, and it will fight the bad smell.

Remove rust from the latch.

If you have had your appliance for a couple of years, chances are the latch has begun to get a little rusty. To fix it, rub it down with a stainless steel cleaner and steel wool. Appliance repair Northern VA professionals advise you to rinse the latch and buff it dry with a cotton cloth.

To complete the look, coat the latch with clear fingernail polish. This will waterproof the metal and prevent rust from coming about.

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Choosing the Right Water Filter

Does It Really Matter What Kind of Water Filter I Use in My Fridge?

The water filter in your fridge is one of those parts of your home that you tend not to pay too much attention to most of the time. But when it comes time to change that old filter out for a new one, you have a very important decision on your hands: do you use one that was made by the same manufacturer as your fridge, or will any generic brand work just as well? They’re still essentially the same product, right? How different could they really be?

The answer, as it turns out, is “quite a lot.” We highly recommend that you use a manufacturer’s water filter as opposed to an off-brand alternative – this is true for a number of essential reasons, all of which are worth exploring.

The Importance of Picking the Right Water Filter

The major benefit of using a manufacturer’s water filter is because it was designed by the same people who made your fridge, meaning that you can have complete confidence knowing it’s going to work with your fridge. It was made using only high-quality parts and it won’t just fit perfectly, it will also fall within the guidelines of the fridge’s original manufacturer’s warranty, too.

The problem with using off-brand filters is that they’re usually made with inferior parts and are thus more likely to break down, potentially causing a significant amount of damage to your refrigerator at the same time. If the warranty doesn’t cover third-party parts, the manufacturer won’t help you. So, in addition to having a water filter that doesn’t work right, you’ll also be on the hook for costly repair bills, too. Plus, if an off-brand filter should fail entirely, it could cause flooding in your entire kitchen – a situation that you would obviously want to avoid if you can help it.

If you’d like to find out more information about why it’s so important to use a manufacturer’s water filter in your fridge or are having issues with your water filter, contact Sarah’s Appliance Repair today by calling 505-835-1927 or shoot us a text at 505-388-0900.

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Refrigerator Repair: How to Tell If Refrigerator Compressor Is Bad

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The compressor is one of the most important parts of the refrigerator as it handles gas and pressure inside the fridge. According to refrigerator repair professionals, when the compressor isn’t working, the entire fridge doesn’t function, and you might be tempted to replace it.

Before you spend money on a new appliance, first find out whether the compressor is faulty. Don’t know how to do it? Here are tips to tell if refrigerator compressor is bad:

The compressor kicks on and off.

Does your compressor turn on and off, or doesn’t work? You must be having a problem with the relay start, or you are having a compressor overload. When it comes to the relay start, it could be faulty or dirty. Before hiring a professional, check it and if dirty, clean it.

If you do the cleaning and still the relay won’t work, you must be having a complex problem that should be left to an expert.

You can diagnose the compressor yourself or hire a professional to help you out.

If you have confidence in your skills, you should go the DIY route. Begin with unplugging the fridge from the electrical sockets then inspect the internal wiring. Can you see any problem? If you can’t, move onto the next step and open the side panel.

Most side panels are held in place by screws, and all you need to do is to loosen them. If you can’t locate the side panel, chances are you can’t fix the issues by yourself, and you are better off contacting a fridge repair professional to help you out.

When hiring the professional, ensure he/she is knowledgeable enough as you don’t want someone who will cause more problems than were originally there.

Have you found the side panel and loosened the screws? Good. Now find the starter relay switch. In most fridges, it’s found below the panel. After identifying it, you should unplug it from the compressor, and it will guide you in knowing whether the compressor is faulty.

You should shake the relay switch, and if you hear a rattling sound, the switch has been damaged. If you don’t hear a sound, the compressor is sound, so the failure of the switch to work might be due to another problem, and you should contact a fridge technician to help you identify the underlying issues with your appliance.

Take a look at the compressor fan.

You can also tell whether the refrigerator compressor is faulty by taking a look at the compressor fan. Begin with separating the fridge from the wall, but leave it plugged into the outlet. If you don’t know the location of the compressor fan, confirm from the owner’s manual.

The compressor fan is a vital part of the refrigerator’s cooling system, where it cools the fridge, preventing overheating. When the fan stops working, the fridge begins making strange noises.

If the fan isn’t moving when you put on the fridge, you have a problem that is best addressed by an expert.

The refrigerator failing to cool the food properly.

The fridge is designed to keep the food as cool as possible, so if it’s not doing it, chances are it has a faulty compressor. When the fridge isn’t cooling the food properly, you will begin noticing the food items in the freezer getting socked and not frozen.

Do you have an amplifier meter and know how to use it? Test the compressor, and by doing this, you will know whether you should repair or replace it. You can easily remove and replace the compressor as long as you are confident when doing it, but if you feel more comfortable with the professional technician handling the work, go ahead and contact one.

The compressor making noise

In most modern refrigerators, the compressor functions silently, so when yours makes noise, you have a problem that you should address as soon as possible. If you confirm that the compressor is the one making the refrigerator noise, it’s too late as a noisy compressor means a bad compressor, so you should replace it.

When replacing the compressor, appliance repair Northern VA professionals recommend you buy from a reputable brand. This way you are sure it will give you an excellent service and at the same time last for a long time.

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Washing Machine Repair Near Me in Huntsville, AL (affordable!!!)

Washing Machine Repair Near Me in Huntsville

Many homeowners forget to check the well being of their washing machine when they get busy with their daily life. Like other appliances, the washer should always be considered as very important because it serves a very important purpose in cleaning up your dirty clothes.

People living in Huntsville, AL will find this article very helpful as the information is based on this city. If you read it to the end, you will gather lots of knowledge regarding the repairing service of a washing machine. Check it out.

Washing Machine Repair Service Near Me

It is obvious that any electrical device will need repairing at some point in time. Whether you love it or not, this task is mandatory for all.

The washing machine will give you lots of signals when the time to repair finally arises.You might experience some noise while the appliance is operating or it is not properly filling up water. Problems like leaking or the lids not opening properly might also happen.

If you don’t solve the problem as soon as possible, there can be extreme cases like shaking or water overflowing and you wouldn’t feel happy about that!

Yes, you can solve some of these problems by yourself, but the majority of them will need the help of a professional. In this case, concern about ‘washing machine repair near me’ will become mandatory for you.

What You Should Do?

  • Take a pen and a piece of paper and prepare yourself on a quest to hire the best repair service company near your location.
  • Go to Google and type ‘Washing Machine repair near me in Huntsville, AL’ and you will find out various companies that are currently providing services in your area.
  • Check their personal website and analyze all the customer reviews.
  • Don’t forget to research the charges of all the chosen companies.
  • According to your budget and other requirements, filter out some of them and then jot down the final ones.
  • Call or email the company and make a schedule.

The technicians will arrive at your home in your given time. Not only that, but they will also inform you of the total money that you have to spend and the time when they will be done with the work.

Benefits of Repair Service

Having technicians to solve your washing machine problem is simply considered as ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’. Here are some of the benefits that you will be able to rear if you take the repair service.

• Your Money will be Saved
You just have to pay the service charges for their work and you are all done. If you don’t hire them, there can be a possibility that you have to spend a huge amount of money on a new washing machine. As you can see, your money is actually getting saved.

• There will be No Physical Effort from Your Side
The technicians will do all the hard work. You don’t have to move or carry anything from one place to the other. Just give them a call and relax.

• Experienced People are Doing the Work
Have no fear because all the work will be on the hands of experienced people. These people have been doing the repair work for a long time, so they know what they are working with.

The washing machine repair companies in Huntsville, AL are very good and recommended by lots of customers. If you get confused about which one to pick, consult with experienced people who have already taken services.
Best of luck!




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Can You Run A Washing Machine With Just Cold Water? Washer Repair Experts Answer

Ah, the washing machine. Hands down one of the greatest inventions of our time, it not only frees you time but saves you energy too. Homeowners are used to washing their clothes with hot water that they can’t imagine using cold water.

What happens when the hot cycle fails, and you can’t find a washer repair professional? Can you run a washing machine with just cold water?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES. Studies have shown that most of the clothes come out just as clean with cold water.

Washing clothes in cold water? Tips to consider

For you to get ideal results, you should put these tips into consideration:

  • Always sort the whites, lights, and dark colors out and wash them separately.
  • Always use high-quality detergents, preferably those made to be used in cold water. When using the detergents, ensure you use the right amount. Remember, when you use too much of it, most of it will build up in the clothes leaving too little for cleaning.
  • Consider adding additives to the detergents to boost the cleaning power of the detergent.
  • Like when cleaning using hot or warm water, take care not to overload the washer. Loading the washer properly ensures that it optimally which not only saves you time, it also extends the life of the appliance.
  • Before you begin cleaning, search for stained and extra dirty pieces of clothing and pre-treat them.
  • If cleaning many too dirty items, you will find some of the clothes still dirty after running the cleaning cycle. Before you remove the clothes from the washing machine, inspect them and if still dirty, repeat the cleaning.
  • In winter, be ultra-cautious and ensure the water is not below 60f as the clothes won’t clean well at this temperature.
  • For clothes that are heavily soiled and grease-stained, clean them with warm or hot water.

When does it make sense to clean with cold water?

Dark clothes: Washing clothes in cold water is an excellent way of preserving color. Studies also show that dark clothes clean better in cold water. Killing two birds with one stone, you might say.

Delicates: Clothes made from lace or silk can easily get damaged by hot water, which makes it logical to clean them with hot water.

Clothes that wrinkle or shrink easily: Hot water is known to wrinkle and shrink clothes, which gives them a cheap look. If you have clothes where wrinkles could be a problem, you can solve the issue by washing using cold water.

Lack of care label: To avoid damaging your precious clothes, it’s recommended you look out for the care label that guides you on the best way to handle the clothes. If you are getting ready to wash the clothes, then you notice you are missing the care label, don’t fret. Clean them with cold water, and you won’t have to worry about causing damage.

Situations when it doesn’t make sense to clean using cold water

While cold water has its perks, there are several situations when it doesn’t make sense of cleaning with cold water. Some of these situations include:

When you need high levels of sanitation: Some of these situations include when you are washing undergarments, sheets, and sick person’s clothes. Although laundry detergent does a great job of cleaning the clothes, hot water works excellently at killing the germs.

When using powdered detergents: Powdered detergents don’t dissolve easily, and in most cases, you need hot water to dissolve them completely. Using cold water with powdered detergents causes streaks on the clothes, which gives the clothes a cheap, ugly look.

When using a cheap detergent: When you are looking to save on detergents, you are better off using hot water. According to appliance repair Northern VA professionals, cheap detergents don’t have enough cleaning power to properly clean the soil and grime. Hot water comes in handy at helping in getting rid of the dirt.

When you have lower groundwater temperatures: In areas such as Alaska and Maine, where the temperatures are usually too low, the cold water might be too cold for cleaning making, it sensible to use hot water.

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Does Room Temperature Affect My Refrigerator?

You may be considering putting a second refrigerator out in your unheated garage. Or you might worry about your refrigerator’s efficiency in the hot, humid Wisconsin summers. Whatever your situation, it’s important to know whether room temperature affects your refrigerator.

Extreme Temperatures Can Damage Fridge

The temperature of the room that a refrigerator is in should be between 60ºF and 95ºF. That’s a really wide range, and you might think there’s no way your refrigerator could be in a situation where the ambient temperature is either that high or that low. But you live in Wisconsin. Extreme temperatures can damage the compressor or sealed system. Below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the oil could become thick and not circulate properly. Above 110 degrees Fahrenheit, the oil could overheat and break down.

Refrigerator Function in Cold Temperatures

Having a refrigerator in a partially heated space might seem like a good compromise. While the unit may not actually break down, you might reconsider that choice. Refrigeration systems rely on the boiling of refrigerant under pressure and heat. When the ambient temperature is below 60ºF, it takes more energy to make the refrigerant boil and change into a vapor. And the energy consumption increases with the decreasing temperature until at 32ºF, there’s no cooling capacity at all.

Refrigerator Function in Hot Temperatures

If the refrigerator is located in a room where the temperature is over 90ºF and it is opened frequently, then the efficiency will decrease significantly. When the outside temperature is so warm, it can cause other problems, too. The consistency of the cooled temperature inside the unit may vary widely and your food may spoil more quickly.

Other Considerations

Remember that the room temperature can be quite different from the outside temperature. Your well insulated garage can be 10 – 20 degrees colder or hotter than outdoors. If you do decide to have your refrigerator in a place that isn’t ideal, take steps to mitigate the loss of efficiency. Your refrigerator placement can help with that. Your fridge shouldn’t be pushed against the wall. It needs a little space behind it so that air can circulate freely and the heat from the condenser can dissipate. Keeping the grill clean and the door seals tight ensures that it’s working at peak efficiency too.

If you’re wondering whether room temperature affects your refrigerator, the answer is yes. You probably don’t have it in a space where the extreme temperatures will cause a breakdown, but you should be aware that its efficiency will be affected by the ambient temperature. If you have any continuing concerns, call the experts at Dave’s Appliance; we’ll be glad to help.

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Freezer Not Working, But Fridge is Fine?

When you have a refrigerator/freezer unit and the freezer doesn’t seem to be working right, but the fridge is fine, it can be more than a little annoying. There are a number of issues that could be causing this problem. Some of them you can deal with yourself; for the others, you can call in the experts at Dave’s Appliance. For some of them, you must call in the experts due to federal regulations.

Invisible Ice

You’re probably aware that your fridge can’t be pushed right up against a wall, because there needs to be space around the condenser. What many people don’t know is that there also needs to be space in your refrigerator between the refrigeration and freezing sections to allow air to circulate. Sometimes ice can accumulate in places between the two, and it doesn’t get noticed until it’s really created a problem. This is especially true if the door hasn’t been shut properly and humidity causes an ice build up. To fix this problem, search for the hidden ice and remove. Alternatively, you can defrost the whole fridge.

Ice Maker Issue

If your freezer has an ice maker installed and you’re not using it, it needs to be disconnected. If it’s not turned off, the icemaker will continue to run through its cycles even though there’s no water. Problems arise because it goes through its cycles really quickly and every time it does, the heater under the ice maker tray is activated. So anything that is close to the ice maker will thaw. This also causes a buzzing sound, when it’s trying to get water. This is water valve noise, not to be confused with the buzzing from the compressor. If this is your issue, the solution is simple: disconnect the ice maker, and make sure it stays switched off.

Compressor Problem

Your compressor should hum along happily, but sometimes it goes in fits and starts. When your compressor doesn’t run long enough, it can mean that the freezer never gets cold enough. Some reasons for intermittent compressor function include: overheating, bad relays, or broken motor. You can determine whether the issue is the compressor by feel. If it’s really hot or makes an odd noise (like clicking or buzzing), then it’s probably the culprit. Knowing that doesn’t get to the fix the problem, though. This would be the time to call in the experts at Dave’s Appliance. We can figure out the cause and fix it.

Low Freon

A low freon charge can cause the evaporator to be cool but not cold enough to freeze. That would lead to the evaporator inside the freezer not frosting over completely. You can check if this might be the issue by removing the back panel inside your freezer to see what the coils look like. If only a portion of the coils are frosted, or if you see a large clump of ice in one of the corners, then you have a freon problem. You could have a leak, or may simply need a recharge. In any event, this isn’t a repair you can do. You need to call the professionals at Dave’s Appliance. We have the EPA licensing required to deal with the issue.

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