Guide to Running your Fridge Optimally

Guide to Running your Fridge Optimally

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When you have a furnace, you want it to run all the time optimally, don’t you? Thankfully, there are several things you can do to make this possible. Which are these things? Here they are as given by refrigerator repair professionals:

Don’t run an empty fridge

You might argue that an empty fridge will spend little energy. After all, there is nothing inside, right? Well, this isn’t how it works. When you run your fridge while empty, you give the cold air a hard time moving from one side of the fridge to the other, so you often end up with a highly inefficient refrigerator.

If you don’t have any food in the fridge, it’s wise to turn it off. If there is some food, fill the empty spaces with water bottles that will aid in the transfer of the cold air.

The same way you should avoid running your fridge empty is the same way you should avoid running it when overfilled.

You might argue that if running an empty fridge is bad, then it should be okay to run an overfilled one. Well, that’s not the case.

Studies show that your appliance has reduced energy efficiency when you run your fridge when it has overfilled. This is due to blocked air vents, forgotten foods, and other issues.

Don’t stock your fridge more than it can handle to stay safe. Experts even recommend that you keep your fridge two-thirds full, as it tends to function at its best at this capacity.

Don’t pre-cut your fruits and vegetables before storing them in the fridge

Most people recommend that you wash and cut your fruits and vegetables before you keep them in your fridge to encourage healthy snacking, but this isn’t an excellent way to do it.

This is because chopped-up pieces deteriorate too fast as more surface area is exposed.

The right way to go about it is only to wash and cut the fruits and vegetables when you are ready to eat them.

Don’t store milk in the door.

If you visit refrigerators in most homes, you will find that most homeowners store their milk in the door and often on the top shelf.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best place to store it. This is because the location is one of the warmest spots in the fridge, and since milk is liable to spoil, it easily gets spoilt here.

The best place to store your milk is on the middle shelf. What makes the area attractive is that it enjoys consistent temperatures.

The same thing applies to eggs.

The best items to store on the fridge door are salt and vinegar.

Store meat on the lower shelf

Homeowners store milk on the door the same way they store meat on the upper shelves, which is wrong. While the meat won’t get spoilt here, chances are high that it will drip onto other foods, and you don’t want this.

To avoid this, always store your meat on the top shelf. It will even be better if you can place a tray under the meat on the lowest shelf to contain any leaks that might happen.

Having a tray also makes it extremely easy to clean any spillages.

Use trays in your fridge

You might have heard that you should use bins, trays, and baskets in your home; they come in handy when it comes to keeping your home organized.

The same way it’s visually pleasing to see your pantry shelves compartmentalized with bins, and lazy Susans are the same way your fridge looks good and stays organized when you take advantage of these organization tools.

As mentioned above, you should have a tray to hold your meat on the top shelf. You also should have a bin to carry the condiments that don’t fit into the door. It also doesn’t hurt to have a colander to hold oranges and other fruits you might be having.

Fix even the most minor problems

When you notice a problem, even the most minor one, such as a change in the noise made by your fridge, don’t ignore it. Instead, get in touch with an experienced appliance repair Springfield professional and fix it as soon as possible.

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