How Do I Keep My Fridge Tidy? 5 Tips To Make It Sparkle

How Do I Keep My Fridge Tidy? 5 Tips To Make It Sparkle

A tidy fridge is not only beautiful to look at, but also saves you money as it runs more efficiently, not to mention lasting for a long time.

How do I keep my fridge tidy? If you are asking this, you should know that there are plenty of ways to do it, as given by refrigerator repair professionals.

Which are these ways? Here they are:

Maximize the shelf space

Most people will say that their fridges are full, but when you inspect them, you find that they aren’t using their shelf space as well as they should.

To keep your fridge tidy, you need to make the most of your shelf space. And the beauty is there are plenty of ways to make it happen.

One of the things you should do is avoid having unopened cans or single-serve bottles crowding the food that you should keep cold. This calls for you to keep the cans out of your fridge.

Instead of keeping the cans in the fridge, keep them in the pantry. If you need to cool the bottles, use ice, instead of placing them in the refrigerator.

Another way to make the most of your shelf space is to use square instead of round plastic containers. The reason for this is because square bottles store more food and look much cleaner than round ones.

If there is leftover food, don’t place it in huge, space-sucking containers. Instead, put it in individual portions in smaller bins. You can also store them in resealable bags that you can easily grab and go.

Make the food items accessible.

You will be doing double work removing items out of the way then restocking them. You will also be messing with your fridge by doing it.

You should strategically place the different items in your fridge to ensure this doesn’t happen. Of course, the items you use regularly should be near the door to easily access them.

Experts also recommend you use a Lazy Suzan.

Regularly clean the fridge.

You should regularly clean your fridge and remove any materials that might make the unit look dirty. For the best outcome, thoroughly clean the insides of the refrigerator,

Besides the cleaning, reduce the work you have to do to keep the unit clean by lining the bins with paper towels that will catch the drips.

It’s also wise to keep the sticky items such as syrups, jams, and sauces in removable shelf bins. This way, if dribbles happen, you only need to take them out and rinse them.

As you are doing the cleaning, you will come across stuck-on messes. To remove these, use a damp scrubber sponge sprinkled with baking. This will not only remove the messes, but also get rid of dirt and odors.

Clip the opened bags

When you have many bags in your fridge, it’s easy to forget what you have already opened, and you end up with many half-used food items that make your fridge look full and disorganized.

To ensure that you exhaust one bag before moving to the next, mark the bag you have already opened.

One way to do this is to clip the bags to the shelf with a binder clip. Of course, you should keep the bag close to the fridge door so that it becomes the first thing you see when you open the refrigerator.

Keep the items sorted in the freezer.

Due to its small size, things can quickly build up in the freezer, giving it an untidy, disorganized look. To avoid this, keep the items in small containers. For example, you can have fish, poultry, or even vegetable containers.

After keeping the items in clear plastic containers,  label them to make them easy to find.

Parting shot

These are some of the ways to keep the fridge clean and organized. As you organize the food items, store them to make them last for as long as possible. This calls for you to double bag certain foods such as raw meat.

Appliance repair Springfield professionals also recommend you pat the wet fruits and vegetables with a dry paper towel to get rid of excess moisture that can spoil the items.

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