How Do You Know If Your Refrigerator Icemaker Is Bad?

How Do You Know If Your Refrigerator Icemaker Is Bad?

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Do you have a feeling that your ice maker has a problem? It could be true.

How do you know if your refrigerator ice maker is bad? Well, there are a number of things you can look out for. Some of these things as given by appliance repair professionals include:

The ice maker not making ice

The unit is supposed to make ice, so if it’s not, there is definitely a problem. The icemaker will fail to make ice for plenty of reasons, such as wrong temperature settings, dirty filters, blockages, and many others.

You should look into the unit and confirm whether the thermostat is set at the right temperature. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the temperature doesn’t exceed 5ºF.

While at it, check the arm lever and ensure that it’s pushed down. If it’s up, it might be the reason the ice maker won’t make ice, so you need to push it down.

How is the water stream? If the stream is weak or there is no water coming out, you might be having a problem with the waterline. Inspect it and if blocked or damaged, fix it.

Ice maker not making enough ice

Sometimes the ice maker will make some ice, but you can tell it’s not working at its capacity. In most cases, this will happen due to problems with the waterline. You need to access the line and find out whether it’s blocked or damaged.

Fix the problem and ensure that the stream has a steady flow with good water pressure (30-120 psi). When replacing the water line, ensure that everything is connected tightly and the water inlet valve is fully open and free of debris.

Ice maker making ice that is too small or has a weird taste

If the ice coming from the ice maker is too small, it could be due to water line problems. Does the ice have a weird taste or color? This might be due to food odors from the freezer.

Check the water line for any bulges, kinks, or damage. If you see any problem, fix it.

If the problem is too big that you have to replace the line, replace the line using a copper water line. This way, you have a durable water line that won’t give the water a weird taste.

To prevent the smell of the food in the freezer from getting into the water, make it a habit to cover the food with plastic.

Ice maker not dropping ice

If your ice maker isn’t dropping ice, you could be having a blockage in the ice tray, or the ice cube has jammed between the lever and bin. If this is the case, double-check and confirm that the lever is pushed down and/or the ice maker is switched on. If you aren’t sure about it, consult your owner’s manual.

Also, confirm if the problem is due to ice accumulation in the ice bin. If there is blocked ice, remove it by carefully chipping at it with a plastic knife.

Ice maker making loud noises

Although the icemaker should make some noise when working, the noise shouldn’t be too loud that it’s a distraction. So if your appliance is making constant or unusual noises, it might be having a mechanical problem that you need to look at.

In most cases, you can’t properly diagnose the noises and fix them on your own—you have to hire an experienced refrigerator icemaker repair Fairfax professional to help out.

Water leaking into the freezer or on the floor.

Two of the most common culprits for this problem are a faulty water line and an unleveled icemaker.

The first place to check is whether the refrigerator is leveled. If it’s not, level it. Once the fridge is level, check the inside of the freezer and ensure that it’s also leveled.

How is the water line? Check its condition and ensure that the fill tube is positioned properly. The tube’s location will vary depending on the ice maker model, but it should always be above the icemaker tray or inside the water fill cup.

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