How Do You Know If Your Washing Machine Is Broken?

How Do You Know If Your Washing Machine Is Broken?

How do you know if your washing machine is broken? Well, there are plenty of symptoms you can look out for. Some of these symptoms, as given by washer repair contractors include:

The washing machine is leaking.

Most washing machine leaks are due to overflowing or loose connections, but sometimes the leaking can be due to complex problems. For example, if you have had your appliance for a long time, the water hose at the back of the washer might be worn out, and you need to replace it.

Your appliance might also be having a cracked tub you need to seal to restore the unit to its proper working condition.

Before you hire a service provider to fix the unit, first try to solve the overflowing problem. You do this by finding out the size of the load that can fit the washer and still leaves room for turning, shaking, and spinning.

The washer is making a lot of noise.

The washing machine will make weird noises due to plenty of reasons. For example, if it’s unbalanced, it will make noise when running, and all you need to do to fix this is to place the washer level.

If you balance the machine, but it’s still making the noise, you have a reason to be worried. First, stop the wash cycle, rearrange the clothes, and load the washing machine correctly, so the clothes are evenly distributed. Still experiencing the noise? The motor drum or mount might be loose and need tightening.

Unless you have the experience, let an experienced professional help you with the work.

Water doesn’t drain properly.

Once you have completed the washing cycle, the washer should drain completely, so you are left with little or no water in the washer. If you complete a cycle but some water sticks around the washing machine’s insides, you definitely have a problem you should address as soon as possible.

For example, the pump might be blocked, or the drain hose might be clogged hence preventing the water from draining as well as it should. The improper draining might also be due to problems with the water pump.

You need to get in touch with experienced technicians with the necessary tools and expertise to help you diagnose the issue and fix it.

Water doesn’t fill the drum.

When properly functioning, the washing machine should fill up with enough water to thoroughly clean the clothes. When the appliance is broken, water has a problem getting into the appliance. Water will fail to get into the appliance due to plenty of problems such as: kink in the hose, issue with the machine’s water intake valve or filter, or any other issue.

Contact an experienced professional to help you troubleshoot the source of the problem and fix it.

The drum doesn’t spin.

Water might fill the drum without any issue, but if the drum isn’t spinning, it’s pointless as you won’t be able to clean your clothes. The drum will fail to spin due to plenty of issues such as belts or lid switch.

You can try to replace the belts on your own but replacing the lid switch is more difficult, so you will be better off hiring a professional to help you out.

The washing machine keeps moving.

A moving washer might seem interesting, and most homeowners ignore it, but don’t do this. A properly functioning washer should remain in place when cleaning, spinning, and rinsing. So, when the unit is moving around, you have a problem you should fix as soon as possible.

If the machine is moving around and at the same time making a lot of noise, the movement could be due to imbalance, so you need to balance it, and you are good to go.

If you balance it and it’s still moving, it might be having a more serious problem, so you need to hire an appliance repair Springfield professional to find out the cause of the movements.

Don’t ignore these movements as a walking machine comes with plenty of risks. For example, the machine might start sloshing water outside the unit, which can ruin the floor leading to mildew and mold.

The walking washer can also pull itself free of its connections putting your property at the risk of fire.

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