How Do You Use Washing Machines Properly

How Do You Use Washing Machines Properly

Thanks to washing machines, we no longer worry about washing clothes with our hands. To draw the most benefits from these machines, you have to use them properly.

How do you use washing machines properly? Here is how to go about it as given by washer repair professionals:

Always prepare your clothes before putting them in the washing machine

Don’t just toss your clothes in the washing machine—prepare them for washing. A good rule of thumb is to close the zippers, unbutton shirts, secure straps, hooks, and Velcro, and inspect the pockets for any important items before putting the clothes in the machine.

The purpose of doing this is to prevent the clothes from getting damaged as you are cleaning them. For example, if you leave the clothes buttoned, you risk losing a thread around the buttonholes. Lint can also catch on the Velcro straps if you don’t close them properly.

Remove stains beforehand

While it’s possible to put bleach in the washing machine and remove stains or even whiten the clothes as you are cleaning them, it’s unwise to do this as sometimes the washing machine fails to remove the stains properly.

If you have stained clothes in your basket, remove the stains before putting the clothes in the washing machine with the other clothes. Besides having an easy time getting rid of these stains, removing the stains beforehand prevents stain transfer.

Separate light and grey clothes

The purpose of separating the clothes before putting them in the washing machine is to protect them from damage. For example, if you put lightweight clothes such as t-shirts and leggings together with jackets and other heavy clothes, it means that the clothes will stay in the washing machine for a long time so that all the dirt can come off the jackets.

As you can guess, this puts the leggings and the other lightweight clothes at the risk of getting damaged for staying in the washing machine much longer than they should.

To have an easy time sorting the clothes, have multiple hampers. You also should sort the outfits by their material. For example, put clothes made from lighter materials such as shirts and leggings in one basket and clothes made with thicker materials such as jeans and jackets in another.

You can also separate the clothes by color. Dark-colored clothes have dyes that can seep into the lighter clothes, so you should put them separately.

Turn the clothes inside out.

The point of doing this is to prevent your clothes from fading and maintain their original color. If you have fading clothes, it’s always recommended you clean them with cold water. The cold water sets the dye to the fabric, preventing it from floating away in the wash water, so you keep your clothes in their original color.

Don’t overload the washing machine.

When you have a large load to clean and minimal time, it’s tempting to load all of your clothes in one go and get done with it, but don’t. This is because you end up overloading the machine, which makes it work harder than it should and puts it at the risk of getting damaged.

All washing machines have their capacities indicated, so you can’t miss that. All you have to do is check on the indicated figures and ensure that you don’t overload your appliance.

Leave the washing machine door open.

After using the washing machine, don’t close the door. Instead, leave it open for air and light to get in. Mold and mildew thrive in damp areas, so when you close the washing machine’s door immediately after using it, you keep the insides damp, promoting mold and mildew growth.

By leaving the door open, you give the appliance time to air out and dry up, which kills the mildew and mold and prevents foul odors from occurring.

Keep the washing machine clean.

Since the washing machine cleans clothes, you don’t need to clean it, right? Wrong. According to appliance repair Springfield professionals, if you don’t regularly clean your washing machine, you don’t get rid of dust and debris that might get on your clothes, and they come out dirty.

To keep your appliance clean, clean it at least once a week.

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