Oven Repair: 7 Tips To An Optimally Working Oven

Oven Repair: 7 Tips To An Optimally Working Oven

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As a restaurant owner, the commercial oven is the heart of your business. Without proper oven maintenance, you will significantly reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the appliance. No matter the brand of commercial oven you own, you need to take good care of it. Here are tips given by oven repair professionals on how to go about it:

Have a strict cleaning schedule

Although, commercial ovens come with a cleaning feature, it’s not enough to keep the appliance in pristine condition—you still have to get your hands dirty. Come up with a strict cleaning schedule. Cleaning the appliance at the end of the day is a good start.

Create a cleaning duty plan for your employees. If the employees are new, teach them how to clean the appliance.

In addition to cleaning the appliance every day, it’s also beneficial to clean it at the end of every month. This is to help you catch the areas you might have missed in the daily routine. Of course, the monthly cleanings must be thorough than the daily ones.

If you come across areas that you are unsure how to clean, consult the manual or supplier.

Calibrate the buttons

Oven buttons are one of the most used parts of the oven. The constant “ON” and “OFF” movements throw the oven off balance. The continuous use also leads to loss of efficiency and even affects how the oven functions.

At least once a month, inspect the buttons and recalibrate them if not working as well as you would want them to.

Pay attention to the heating elements

The constant use of the oven affects the heating elements. Worn out parts influence the efficiency and performance of the stove. Inspect the components using a multimeter. A high reading means there is a problem with the heating element, while a low reading such as 100 ohms, says everything is running optimally.

Inspect the elements if you have the skills, but if you have never done it before, let an experienced expert handle it

Consider the intake fan

Convection ovens have intake fans that lead to severe oven problems if you don’t take good care of them. The presence of particulate matter in the stove is the most common cause of fan problems. At least once a month, inspect the intake fan and ensure that it’s clean. If dirty, clean it.

During the inspection, also be on the lookout for any defects the fan might be having. To keep the oven in pristine working condition, fix the fan problem immediately.

Recalibrate the thermostat

The thermostat controls the working temperature of the oven. When it has problems, it gives the wrong signal to the stove leading to an improperly-working appliance.

Keep a close eye on the thermostat. Compare the readings of the internal thermometer with the set temperature. If there is a discrepancy, recalibrate the unit.

If you have had your oven for a long time, the thermostat might have gotten old. In such a situation, recalibrating it won’t fix the problem—you have to replace it.

Get rid of spills and boil-overs immediately

Spills come about every day. While they might not look like a big deal, they significantly affect the performance of the oven, if you don’t clean them early enough. To keep your kitchen looking great and your appliance running in tip-top shape, get rid of the boil-overs as soon as they happen.

A good rule of thumb is always to have a moist piece of cloth in the kitchen. Use the towel to remove the spills immediately they happen.

Make use of the manual

Many people throw the manual in the trash bin as soon as they install the oven. Don’t do this as the manual has valuable information. Before you tend to any part of the appliance, commercial appliance repair professionals recommend that you first consult the manual.

If you have an area you don’t understand, read what the manual has to say. It’s common to fail to get the information you are looking for. Contact the supplier and ask them about it. Don’t rush to make any adjustments on your own as you might cause more problems than were originally there.

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