Refrigerator Repair: Common Refrigerator Sounds And What They Mean

Refrigerator Repair: Common Refrigerator Sounds And What They Mean

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It’s common for even brand new refrigerators to make some noise. According to refrigerator repair professionals, there are normal and abnormal refrigerator noises. When your appliance is making unusual noises, you have a reason to be concerned. Here are some of the everyday noises and what they mean:


There are several reasons why a refrigerator will make vibration sounds. One of the most common reasons is if the fridge is pushing up against a wall or cabinet while the compressor is running. You can get rid of these noises by simply pulling the refrigerator away from the wall and cabinet.

You will also experience vibration sounds if the refrigerator isn’t on a level floor. To stop the vibrations, you need to ensure that nothing is preventing the fridge from staying balanced.


Just like vibration noises, knocking noises will come about due to different reasons. The primary reason is if there is shifting ice in the freezer. You will also have the problem if you have a clogged compressor and condenser.

To get rid of the noises, you need to clean the refrigerator. Remember to unplug the appliance to avoid being electrocuted. Clean the fan and vent panel. If you clean these parts and the fridge is still making the noises, consider asking a professional to give it a look as the problem might be with the compressor. The compressor is sophisticated and should only be serviced by an experienced expert.

Gurgling and buzzing noises

Gurgling noises come about when the defrost cycle is running. Due to temperature variations of the interior and exterior of the refrigerator, the ice melts and runs down the draining pan, hence the noises. Gurgling noises are normal, and when you hear them, you don’t have a reason to be worried.

Buzzing noises, on the other hand, come about when the water dispenser is filling with water. If your refrigerator is connected to a functioning water line, you have no reason to be worried as this is a normal noise. If your unit isn’t connected to a water line and it’s making the noises, you need to turn off your water dispenser or ice maker.

Rattling sounds

These sounds come about when you have items on your fridge that are vibrating when the condenser or fan is running. It’s also common to have this problem when the refrigerator is too close to the cabinetry.

To eliminate the sounds, secure all the items in the fridge. You also should avoid placing heavy objects on the refrigerator.

Clicking noises

Clicking noises come about as the fridge switches between cooling the different compartments. It’s also common for the compressor and fan to adjust from time to time to optimize the refrigeration performance. When you hear the noises, you have no reason to raise concern.

Popping and sizzling sounds

Popping sounds are caused by the contraction and expansion of the inside walls of the fridge due to changes in temperature. The sounds are normal, and it’s common for the refrigerator to make the noises a few times a day.

Sizzling sounds, on the other hand, come about when the water is dripping down onto the heater when the fridge is defrosting. It’s also common to hear ice cubes falling with clattering or creaking sounds. When ice is moving out of the mold, it makes grinding sounds which are normal.

Compressor sounds

When the refrigerator is working, it’s common for the compressor to make some noises. However, if the compressor makes noises that are louder than usual or cycles too often, you most likely have a problem.

It’s normal for large refrigerators to have slower, longer running compressors but if the fridge doesn’t stop running, contact an appliance repair professional to give the appliance a look.

Parting shot

When you understand the various sounds made by the refrigerator, you can quickly tell which ones are normal and which ones aren’t. This prevents you from worrying for nothing. It also saves you money as you don’t have to call a fridge technician for nothing.

While most of the refrigerator noises are healthy, if you notice an unusual sound, don’t ignore it. Try to troubleshoot your appliance and if you can’t, ask an expert technician to give it a look.

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