Signs Your Refrigerator Ice Maker Needs Repair

Signs Your Refrigerator Ice Maker Needs Repair

Did you know the refrigerator ice maker gives obvious signs that it’s time to fix it? Some of these signs as given by refrigerator ice maker repair professionals include:

The freezer gets too warm

For the ice maker to make ice, it needs to be cold, so if you notice the temperature in your appliance being too high, there might be a problem that you need to look into. Even if your freezer is above 10 degrees F, you should be worried.

While the freezer might be freezing food, the ice maker won’t make ice, and in some cases, it might stop making any ice altogether.

To make ice, the freezer should be functioning at 0 degrees F, which is the temperature you should shoot for. Before you contact a repair professional, turn down the freezer and observe the temperature. If it doesn’t drop, get in touch with an expert to find out why the temperature isn’t dropping.

The ice doesn’t taste right.

Sometimes the ice maker will make ice, but it has a weird taste or smell on tasting it. Sometimes it might be due to poor city water supply, but if tap water tastes alright, but the ice still has a weird taste or smell, the problem might be with the ice maker.

Get in touch with an experienced professional to look into the source of the problem and fix it.

Faulty water inlet valve

The water inlet runs from the wall to your appliance and connects via the water inlet valve. This valve can fail to function due to a variety of reasons that include:

  • The water pressure might be too low that it doesn’t activate the valve as well as it should
  • There might be some mineral build up in the valve or hose that restricts proper water flow
  • The valve might fail mechanically

If you are a dab hand at DIY projects, you can try troubleshooting the appliance by shutting off the water to your appliance then disconnecting the hose from the inlet valve.

After removing the hose, inspect it and identify any issues that might be present.

If the problem is due to low water pressure, you will notice the low pressures in some areas of your house, and you should work on increasing it.

The buildup will be visible in the valve and hose if the problem is due to mineral buildup. In some cases, you can remove the buildup, but you are better off simply replacing the valve and getting it working again in other cases.

If the valve has failed, remove the metal bracket securing it to the appliance, and test it with a multimeter.

If you have done everything within your knowledge level and still the valve inlet valve has a problem, get in touch with an experienced professional to help with the troubleshooting.

Loud noises

It’s normal for the ice maker to make some noises, but they shouldn’t be too loud that you hear them from a distance. In most cases, ice makers are loud when dumping ice, but they tend to be fairly silent in all the other cases.

If your ice maker is making constant loud and /or unusual sounds, you must be having a mechanical problem that needs to be looked at by an expert.

No ice

The purpose of the ice maker is to make ice, so when it fails to, it’s obvious that you have a problem that you should look into. Your icemaker will fail to make ice due to plenty of reasons such as blocked water line, electricity problem or any other problem.

If you can’t tell why your unit isn’t functioning, get in touch with an experienced appliance repair Springfield professional to help with the inspection and troubleshooting.

Work with the right contractor

While there are many contractors in the industry you can hire, take your time and hire an experienced one that knows what they are doing. The last thing you want is hiring a contractor and they cause more problems than were originally there.

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