What Should You Not Do With A Washing Machine?

What Should You Not Do With A Washing Machine?

Are you wondering, what should you not do with a washing machine? Well, there are plenty of things. Here are some of these things as given by appliance repair professionals:

Leaving wet clothes inside

With the hectic lives we are all leading, it’s easy to be distracted by other tasks while doing laundry, and we forget a load of clothes in the washing machine. Sometimes we are distracted or even on days that the clothes develop mildew and foul odor.

These are not only bad for your clothes, but the machine as well, which is a double tragedy.

To avoid this, set a timer or reminder on your phone to get a notification when the load is done.

Don’t overload the machine.

When you are in a hurry, it’s easy to want to load the machine with as many clothes as it can carry, so you are done fast. Don’t do this.

You should note that washing machines are designed to wash a certain weight of clothes, and when you exceed, you increase the chances of damaging the machine where the drum spins get damaged, but you also fail to clean the clothes properly.

To avoid damaging your appliance, you shouldn’t overload it. When doing the loading, ensure there is a space between the top of the load in the drum and the top of the drum itself. The space should be around the width of your palm.

Instead of cramming everything into one load to save time, use the quick washing setting for two decent-sized loads. In most modern machines, this will cut the washing time by half so you can wash many clothes without overloading the machine.

Forgetting to sort

Forgetting to sort your clothes not only damages the clothes, but the machine as well. Failing to sort your laundry leads to color bleeding, clothes shrinking and unwanted pocket items floating around during a washing cycle.

To avoid this, sort your laundry before putting it in the washing machine. It’s during sorting when you will find that you have a black permanent marker in your pocket. It’s also when you will prevent the whites from turning grey as you separate the clothes into the colored and whites, and run two loads.

Choose the wrong setting.

Although you can wash most of your clothes using the normal setting and come out perfect, there are a few clothes with special instructions you should be cautious about as they can get damaged when you wash them at the wrong temperature.

Most clothes are made from cotton that shrinks when you wash them for the first time. If the water temperature is wrong, the shrinkage worsens.

To prevent your clothes from shrinking and ensure you are cleaning them at the right temperature, read the label to find out the right temperature you should clean the clothes. You should also use the manual to find the best program to clean the clothes.

If you are worried about your clothes shrinking or losing their shape, wash them in cool water by hand, then dry them on the washing line or airer.

Failing to clean the washing machine

Many homeowners think that the washing machine is self-cleaning, so they don’t need to clean it, but this isn’t the case. Over the months and years of cleaning, the insides of the washing machine get dirty, mold builds up, and this can lead to the machine smelling bad.

To keep your appliance running in top condition and smelling fresh, make it a habit to run a service wash at 90 degrees at least once every month. You can run the wash using a detergent, a specialist washing machine cleaner, or any natural product such as vinegar.

Besides doing this, refer to your manual and see what else is recommended.

You can do the cleaning by yourself, but if you aren’t confident in your skills, you can always hire washer repair Springfield professionals to help out. The cool thing with hiring professionals is that besides running the service wash, they also inspect the appliance and fix any issues that might be present.

Of course, when hiring professionals, hire experienced technicians that know what they are doing. You don’t want someone that will damage your expensive unit, do you?

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