Why Is My Dishwasher Not Starting?

Why Is My Dishwasher Not Starting?

Imagine this. You have guests over, meaning that you have countless dishes to clean. You rush to the kitchen, put the dishes in the dishwasher, and push the start button. You count on the dishwasher to immediately light up and do the dirty work, but it doesn’t.

Why is my dishwasher not starting? You wonder. According to dishwasher repair professionals, this will happen due to plenty of reasons such as:

There is no power supply

There is no way your dishwasher will work if there is no power supply. When your appliance fails to start when you expect it to, you should check the power plugs. In most appliances, the plugs are hidden behind the cabinets or under the sink.

You should inspect them and confirm they aren’t kicked.

If you can’t access the plug, look at it and ensure that it’s securely in the wall and there aren’t any signs of damage or fraying on it or the cord.

You also should check the circuit and confirm that it hasn’t tripped. Also, confirm that the appliance is properly plugged into the wall outlet.

Take a look at the door latch.

The door latch tells the dishwasher that the door is sealed shut and it’s safe to start the waterworks. Like other parts of the appliance, plenty of things can go wrong with the latch. For example:

The latch can jam: You need to check whether old soap or food gunk is in the door latch itself. If the latch is jammed or clogged with old gunk, there is no way it’s going to click shut. This means that there is no way the switch will trigger the dishwasher to start.

The latch can break: The door latch or latch switch can also break. And when this happens, the door won’t click and hold itself closed anymore. This means that the dishwasher can’t start and run safely. In such a case, you have to replace the door latch and even the switch.

The child safety setting might be on: Some dishwashers have child latches meant to keep the children from accessing the dishwasher or accidentally trapping themselves inside.

If your appliance isn’t starting, check whether you have activated the settings.

The control panel isn’t working.

The control panel of your appliance is made up of buttons, minicomputers, and settings that control the wash cycles. Like other appliances, when something goes wrong with the control panel, the dishwasher is bound to start acting up or even failing to start.

In most cases, you can’t tell when the problem is with the control panel unless you have faced the problem before. And to be on the safe side, let an expert handle it.

You have problems with the internal components.

Your dishwasher buttons, door latch, and control panel can be working properly but fail to start when the essential internal components are broken.

One of the most common parts that fail to work is the thermal fuse.  The thermal fuse prevents overheating of the control board, and when the fuse blows, electricity stops making it to the control board, which comes in handy at stopping fires and burning the electrical equipment in the event of a malfunction.

When the thermal fuse is blown, the dishwasher will hardly start unless you replace it.

Motor start relay

The motor start relay tells the dishwasher motor to start working. In other words, it relays the start signal to the motor. If the start relay isn’t functioning, the rest of the dishwasher won’t get the “Go” signal from the control panel.

Drive motor

The drive motor provides the power to swish the water around the inside of the dishwasher. When the drive motor is out, there is no serious water action which means you won’t have clean dishes, and you most likely won’t get the dishwasher to start.

The drive motor is complex, so it’s good to leave it to an appliance repair Northern VA professional to look at it and find out what is stopping the dishwasher from working.

When hiring the repair professional, ensure that they are experienced and know what they are doing. You don’t want to hire someone that will introduce more problems to your appliance.

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