4 Reasons Your Electric Oven May Not Be Heating Up the Way It’s Supposed To

4 Reasons Your Electric Oven May Not Be Heating Up the Way It’s Supposed To

4 Reasons Your Electric Oven May Not Be Heating Up the Way It’s Supposed To

Are you dealing with an electric oven that is not heating up the way it should? You could be dealing with any number of oven problems, some of which are relatively simple to take care of yourself and some of which require the help of an appliance repair company. Keep reading to find out four of the potential reasons and then contact American Appliance Repair at 800-640-9934 if you need help repairing or maintaining your oven.

  1. The Bake Element May Be Burned Out

  2. If the oven is not getting hot at all, it could be that the bake element is entirely burned out. The bake element is generally located at the bottom of the oven. Its job is to provide heat when you are roasting or baking but it must receive an electric current to do so. When it is working, you will see this element glow red and provide heat. As time goes on, this element can simply wear out. It can also be burnt out quickly if it is repeatedly exposed to higher-than-normal temperatures. For example, if you use the self-cleaning cycle on a daily basis, you could end up burning out the bake element.

  3. The Broil Element May Be Burned Out

  4. This is similar to the bake element but the broil element is on the top of the oven. It heats up for broiling but also helps with baking and roasting. If your bake element is not working then your broil function will not work either. If your bake element is working but your broil element is not working, you will likely notice that everything is baking unevenly because the only heat is coming from below the item. There is no way to repair a broil element – it must be replaced.

  5. The Oven Control Board May Not Be Working Correctly

  6. If the oven control is faulty, it can cause an oven to heat unevenly or not at all. This control board works in conjunction with the oven’s sensor to keep the temperature where it should be. If either of these parts, the control board or the sensor, are not working then neither will work. This could cause foods to cook faster or slower than they should.

  7. The Thermal Fuse Has Blown

  8. There is a thermal fuse inside an electric oven that works to protect you and your home. If the oven becomes too hot inside, the fuse will blow, which cuts the power off. This might happen during the self-cleaning mode or if the fuse is not working correctly.

The good news is that you do not have to figure this out on your own. At American Appliance Repair we can come to you and check out your oven to find the right repair options. Call us now at 800-640-9934 and we can get started.

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