Cooktops Repair: How To Remove Scratches From A Glass Cooktop Stove

Cooktops Repair: How To Remove Scratches From A Glass Cooktop Stove

The reason you installed a glass cooktop is that you enjoy the design aesthetics of the cooktop. While the cooktop is elegant and a great appliance to have, it often easily develops scratches that give it a cheap, dingy look. You don’t want this, do you?

To restore your cooktops to their original glory, you have to remove the scratches. The beauty of it is you don’t have to hire cooktops repair professionals to remove the scratches as you can easily do it on your own at home.

Want to learn how to do it?

Here are ways on how to remove scratches from a glass cooktop stove:

Baking soda

The good thing with baking soda is that it’s easy to find, and when properly mixed, it’s not dry or abrasive. To eliminate scratches using baking soda, make a loose wet paste by combining baking soda with water in a small container.

You should then apply the paste directly to the affected area using your fingers, then using a soft cloth, buff the scratches in a circular motion. Once you are done, wipe away the paste using a clean, damp cloth.


Toothpaste sounds like an odd choice, but it contains several valuable ingredients, such as baking soda and peroxide. These ingredients buff out small abrasions without damaging your cooktops.

Begin with getting whitening toothpaste and two soft cloths. Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto a soft cloth, then apply it to the damaged area. Rub it in circular motions for at least one minute, then use a wet cloth to wipe out as much toothpaste as possible.

To clean up any leftover liquid, wipe the stovetop with a dry cloth. Repeat this process until you get your desired results.

Metal polish

You can use some metal cleaners to get rid of glass scratches. The cool thing is the metal polish removes scratches and scuffs and at the same time polishes the stove.

To get rid of scratches using this method, you need a soft cloth, glass safe metal polish such as Brasso, and a wool pad. Begin with pouring the cleaner on your cloth pad, then gently buff the scratched or scuffed areas by moving the pad in a circular motion on the affected area.

Once you are done, use another damp clean piece of cloth to remove the cleaner. For best results, dry the area with a separate soft cloth.

Nail polish

You need to combine clear nail polish with glass polish to get rid of scuff marks and scratches, leaving you with a clear, shiny stovetop. To get rid of the scratches using this method, use glass polish, clear nail polish, and a light buffing pad.

Use a brush to cover the scratches or the damaged areas, then wipe away any excess polish before it dries, so it doesn’t stick to the stove. Allow the remaining polish to dry for 30 minutes, then using a non-abrasive pad, gently buff each area with nail polish for at least 30 minutes.

Once you are done, place a small amount of glass polish on the buffing pad and touch up the areas you just worked on. When done right, this will hide even the worst of the scratches.

Glass repair kit

You might have the impression that the glass repair kit will be harmful to the finish on your cooktop, but this isn’t the case. Get a glass repair kit and multiple wool pads or soft cloths.

Then follow the instructions given on the repair kit to remove the annoying and embarrassing scratches.

Valuable tips when removing scratches

As much as you want spotless cooktops, you shouldn’t scrub the cooktops with abrasive materials as you will scratch the surfaces, causing more damage and dulling the surfaces further.

To prevent scratches, appliance repair Springfield professionals recommend always checking the bottom of pots and pans before using them. Remember, any burned-on food particles are more than likely to cause damage to the cooktop.

Also, never move the pan back and forth on the glass stovetop, as this will cause scratching. Some people argue that cold pans don’t harm the stovetop, but this is a lie. Any pan has the potential to scratch your surfaces, whether hot or cold.

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